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SCGFF began in May 2016 with ten (10) 5 X 20-foot beds, a 280-foot raspberry, and a strawberry bed. We have since added 4,800 square feet of beds, 60 fruit trees, an 85-foot strawberry bed, and a 400 square-foot asparagus bed. As a result, we have distributed thousands of pounds of fresh produce in the community of West Bloomington. 

Additionally, SCGFF believes in the power of educating youth to set positive patterns for the future. By working with youth-oriented organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington-Norma since 2016 SCGFF has been able to meet this goal. The garden promotes education on the environment, sustainability, and healthy living through classes and hands-on activities via Boys & Girls Club summer and afterschool programs.


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